Dummy Date

The making of a photobook usually is a rather solitary practice. Because of that Belgian online photography platform SNOR presents the Dummy Date, a cozy Sunday afternoon where we invite a small number of photographers who are working on a photobook to discuss their book dummy in group and in the most casual way. One photographer/designer is invited as a special guest to join the conversation. By the end of the day, participants hopefully will go home with new insights and fresh ideas concerning selection, sequencing, design and production.

First edition: December 14, 2014 at RIOT
Participants: Dries Segers, Heleen Rodiers, Bert Van Hoogenbemt, Daniel Piaggio Strandlund, Lucie Mach, Nick Van de Vel
Special guest: Debby Huysmans

photo: Veerle De Wilde / SNOR