English texts

Margins of Excess – Stefan Vanthuyne on Max Pinckers, Aperture’s The Photobook Review, Issue 16, Spring 2019
The Pillar,
1000 Words, May 2019
Photobook Belge,
FOMU – Fotomuseum Antwerp / Hannibal Publishing
To see the world differently,
 Babs Decruyenaere at Pinguin Art Space
Touching ground
, Stek by Els Martens
Staring into the void
, De Standaard, March 2018
Stories from the Home Front: Stefan Vanthuyne and the resistant picture, Colin Pantall’s blog, March 2018
The photobook as cultural phenomenon, Belgian Platform for Photobooks, November 2017
Chance encounter with a woman, her sister and her past, Belgian Platform for Photobooks, October 2017
Beyond Here Is Nothing
, 1000 Words, September 2017
Rob Van Hoesel: Dutch design for Belgian books, Belgian Platform for Photobooks, September 2017
Focused on the photobook, De Standaard, July 2017
For Brigitte, Titus Simoens
Fugue, Katrien De Blauwer at Tique art space
Collective La Grotte, working hard not to get their tongues in a twist, Braakland: Week van het Fotoboek (March 2017)
The Movement of Clouds around Mount Fuji
, 1000 Words, February 2017
Thomas Vandenberghe, Stieglitz 19
Italy is an old woman, De Standaard, October 2016
Small moments of clairvoyance, Democratic Jungle, April 2016
The captivating honesty of Lisa Spilliaert,
 Democratic Jungle, April 2016
The beauty in what remains, TIS blog, April 2016
On photography and generosity
, TIS blog, December 2015
The little family drama’s of Dick Blau, VASA Project, December 2015
Taking Off. Henry my neighbor, Knack Focus, 3 June 2015
An Intimate Distance, The Ones We Love Magazine: Issue One, Spring 2015
Beijing Silvermine: A different picture of China, Agenda Magazine, 16 September 2014
Adam Jeppesen heads for the sublime white, Agenda Magazine, 5 June 2014